Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They're back!

Look out for cucumber beetles up in the garden. If you are planting any kind of squash or cucumber be sure to cover them with a fine mesh. Cucumber beetles can be picked off individually and squished. They don't just go after cucumber plants, they will eat radishes, kale, rhubarb and more.
 Click here for more information on cucumber beetles

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  1. This link reads well - a very good resource. Thank you Madeleine. Does anyone have experience with repellent plants such as broccoli, calendula, goldenrods, nasturtiums...? I just read onion skins as mulch will work too. The bigger problem I see here is their incubation, and spring outbreak from underground organic matter. For the adults I read that you can even vacuum them up. A dustbuster, maybe...? Also we can investigate sprays of hot pepper, water and garlic. That works for other things, maybe here it may as well. If neem were available here, I am sure it will work. We may also try to attract bats. But wait...we have veteran farmers...more suggestions?