Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello Gardeners, 

I hope you have all had a good start to the growing season. Unfortunately we were late getting compost this year, next year we will make sure we have extra in the Fall so it is ready to go for Spring planting. If you have been up to the garden lately you will notice that things have changed! We have piles of compost. Outside the gate there is Seafood Compost from Envirem Organics(the big pile), beside the woodchips is beautiful compost from Jemseg River Farm and inside the gate is Fredericton City Compost.

If you want to move compost please move it directly onto the Market Garden plot or into your own plot, not the ready to use bin. This year our Market garden is set up in 2 ft rows. We are experimenting with a technique called SPIN (Small plot intensive) Gardening. If you are up in the garden and looking for work to do cardboard/ woodchips need to be put on the paths and the market plot needs compost worked into the 2 ft rows. 

If you still need orientation or have not had a chance to get your plot planted and need help please contact me. The weeds are really taking over and the longer you wait the harder it is going to be to get going. We do still have 4 plots left to assign if you would like a second plot ($20) or know anyone new interested in gardening with us this year($20 +$10 membership fee.) 

This Thursday is our first in the garden workshop. We will be starting to plant the Market plot as well. I have attached the poster. It is free for all members. Don't forget all our workshops are online, there are some great hand outs. CLICK HERE to see more workshops. 

We will be having maintenance days every Saturday from 10am-1pm. It would be great if you could sign up to lead at least one maintenance day throughout the season. If you would like to sign up to lead a Maintenance day please CLICK HERE or contact me.  

Thanks again, 

Madeleine Berrevoets 

Garden Coordinator 

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