Gardeners Agreement

I understand that NBCHG will provide the land, initial soil amendment, water and access to tools and that I will be responsible for soil preparation, planting and weed free maintenance of my allotted plot(s) and that I will keep my plot(s) in food production during the growing season.

I understand that I may contact the local Garden Committee to assist me, especially if I am a new gardener, to report maintenance issues, to check my garden plot for compliance with the guidelines and for assistance with issues related to the garden.

I understand that gardeners are invited to attend Garden Committee meetings and social gatherings.

I understand that plots are assigned on a first come first served basis. Members may apply for more than one plot and pay additional fees for each plot. Additional plots will be assigned and payable after June 1st.

Assigned plots cannot be transferred.

As an NBCHG Gardener, I agree to:

1. Use my plot(s) intensively over the productive months. Use it or lose it, is the rule.

2. Be respectful of other gardeners and their rights to garden communally.

3. Follow all safety guidelines and immediately report any issues to the Garden Committee.

4. Apply organic gardening practices and refrain from the use of chemicals.

5. Keep garden areas tidy and pathways clear of obstacles.

6. Store tools safely in assigned spots in the shed.

7. Minimize water use and apply mulch.

8.Keep the community garden as a dog free and smoke free zone.

9. Take responsibility for the care, maintenance and development of the communal areas by attending a minimum of three scheduled work sessions a year.

10. Notify the Garden Committee if, for any reason, I am no longer able to maintain my garden plot.

11. Settle any disputes through calm discussion and goodwill.

12. Follow the local rules developed by the Garden Committee.

Safety Guidelines

NBCHG Garden Members are encouraged to work safely and take reasonable care to

protect their own health and safety as well as that of fellow gardeners by working within the limits of their own capabilities.

Only move what you can reasonably manage.

Wear sunhats, gloves, sunscreen, and protective footwear as required.

Ensure you bring adequate amount of drinking water when working for extended times in the garden.

Follow guidelines when handling compost and potting mix; wear gloves and keep mixture moist. Wash hands immediately after use.

Ensure that your tetanus vaccinations are up to date.

Ensure the safety of your guests.Supervise children at all times.

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