Saturday, May 17, 2014

How To: Pathways

As this garden is still young we need to invest some energy to make sure we have a solid base for years ahead. One very important job is properly setting up pathways.

*Click on the pictures to see them larger.

Step 1: Dig, dig, dig! Make your pathway level with the ground. Pathways should be 2 feet wide, garden beds should be 4 feet wide (we use string for a guide.)

Step 2: Lay down cardboard, better to get it under your garden bed on the edges instead of up the sides.

Step 3: Pile on the wood chips

Step 4 (optional): Box in your plots. Make sure you do them to size (4ftx8ft or 4ftx16ft) use untreated lumber. Cedar or hemlock is ideal for outdoor use. If interested in a workshop on this please let me know at and we will see about setting one up asap. Approx. cost is $30.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not lay down just wood chips without cardboard 
  • Do not lay down cardboard and wood chips onto raised area, dig to make it level with ground
  • Do not fold edges of cardboard up 
Here are some examples of improper pathways:

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